There’s no doubt this lockdown has made us all a bit lazy when it comes to dressing up & many of us are currently living in our cozy knits, lounge wear or what we consider the closest to our PJ’s – specially since WFH days call for: comfort, comfort & comfort. But, fortunately as things slowly come back to normal, one thing’s for certain – it’s time to bring our cultured & sophisticated self back!

For some much-needed styling lockdown inspo, we spoke to our discerning friend & Ballen muse Ana Beliza Mercado. Ana Beliza is a Colombian style icon, fashion editor, creative director & curator, as well as correspondent of her online platform “That Latin Gal”. She dedicates her know-how to the local fashion industry & focuses on enriching the value & exquisite craftsmanship behind the work of Colombian designers – fashion is her own field of study to come closer to the Latin American identity & aesthetics.

 Ana Beliza shared with us an exclusive go-to guide on how to create a memorable experience out of covetable heirlooms during these times. She styled her favorite Ballen pieces into looks for every given lockdown occasion – from cocktail nights with close friends, to grocery shopping runs & even as friendly lockdown companions (because we know it sometimes gets lonely). In conclusion – these bags are true masterpieces.



Las Islas, as an interior design piece for cocktail nights with friends.  


Picture it over your coffee table books or even as the protagonist art piece on your carefully curated bookshelf – you’ll impress all your guests.


 The Tagua Mini Hobo, as the perfect bag for a fresh ingredients run to the grocery store. 


Because who doesn’t like going for a quick grocery shopping run – in style.

 El Islote, as a friendly companion for in  house duties.


Your amusing, vibrant & charming + 1 for when duty calls – give a touch of warmth to your interiors.




Sign – Libra.

  Favorite Food – Italian and Mexican.

  Sweet or salty – SWEET!

  Morning person o night person – Night person.

  First thing you do when you wake up – Workout, if not I regret it!

  Describe yourself in one word – Creative.

  Favorite movie – My Best Friends Wedding.

 A book you would recommend – The Wander Society by Keri Smith.

  Favorite color when dressing up – The color that reflects my mood in the moment.

  Describe your style in one word – Authentic & in constant construction.

  What do you look for in a bag – A story behind it, a special accent, practicality (doesn’t apply to everything).

 Your style icon – Julie Pelipas + Carrie Bradshaw.

  Go-to fashion blog – EVERYTHING Vogue Portugal says / does (jaja).

  Biggest learning experience from 2020 – Nothing stays the same for too long, adaptability, practicality, humility.

  Personal resolution for 2021 – Create a creative & positive impact through the local industry.

  Work resolution for 2021 – My first capsule collection & a publication of local fashion.

  The destination you dream about traveling to after the pandemic – Asia.

  Colombian artists who you admire – Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Lucas Ospina, Armando Mesías, Camila Barreto Hoyos.